Chaser Hangover Pill

There maybe hundreds of Hangover "Cures" but only one Hangover Prevention! Chaser™ Hangover Pills stops Hangovers before they can start! Chaser™ absorbs Hangover-causing toxins helping you wake up alert, refreshed and ready to start your day. Chaser is Clinically tested and proven to prevent 17 Hangover Symptoms.


How does Chaser™ Pill work?

Hangover Facts

The French call it "wood mouth." Germans refer to is as "wailing of the cats." Spaniards call it "backlash." Most English speakers call it "hangover." No matter what you call it, it's a lousy feeling. But why should a pleasurable experience such as drinking cause so much pain? The main reason is congeners.

The major force behind hangovers is "congeners", which are the by-products of the fermentation process that give alcoholic beverages their aroma, color and flavor. When congeners enter your bloodstream, your immune system eliminates them by releasing proteins called cytokines. This surge of cytokines causes inflammation leading to headache, nausea and body aches.

Chaser™ attracts and absorbs congeners before they can do their damage - helping you wake up without a hangover.

Please drink responsibly. Never drink and drive.

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